NBTevo iD4 to iD5/iD6 flash upgrade

with CarPlay Full Screen

We are not just upgrading your unit, we are customizing it!

Driving pleasure starts with your Head Unit

You need to drive and meet the loved ones?
Image how your unit will look with Waze full screen or Google Maps or Apple maps. We can change things. We can push your unit forward. We know that you want the best from your car and we can help you starting with the Head Unit. We are not just updating your unit, we want to make you feel better using it.
We just want you to be happy!

100% positive feedback

We are known for:

Best Custom iD4 to iD6 flash.
Our custom iD4 to iD6 upgrade works stable without any reboots when using CarPlay Fullscreen with Waze, Google Maps or Apple Maps.

Custom TAL file for Flashing.–Most stable version on ID4 units with 2GB RAM!

CarPlay Full Screen, Video in Motion and Android Screen Mirroring is supported!

Procedure time is 50 minutes including flash.

NBTevo_D, E, F, G iD4 -> NBTevo iD6 with CarPlay FULL Screen and Android Mirroring

MiNi Cars with NBTevo iD4 to iD6 will have CarPlay Split Screen

– Higher version of iD6 that support are very unstable on BMW iD4 units. Our version, combine both performance and stability!

CarPlay Lifetime Activation

30 days WhatsApp support after the upgrade.

What unit i have?

Check your unit

Check your current Map and iDrive version:
Go to Navigation -> Scroll down to Settings -> Select Position & Version -> Select Version Information

Check your current Software version:

Select My Vehicle -> iDrive settings -> Software update -> Show current version

Road Map “Region” EVO = NBTevo unit

If u have NBTevo_A or C or D or E or F or G -> then upgrade to iD6 with CarPlay Full Screen is possible

current iD4

After iD4 to iD6 flash upgrade

new iD6


with CarPlay
Full Screen


Requirements :

Wi-Fi AntennaYour Phone need to connect wirelessly to CarPlay.

NBTevo iD4/iD5/iD6 back


OEM Wi-Fi Antenna


Aftermarket Wi-Fi Antenna


Requirements. You need :

– Laptop Windows 8, 10 or 11.

– Laptop RAM : minimum 4GB – recommended 8GB or higher.

– FilesAfter purchase, go to “My Account -> Downloads” and you can download the required files needed for the upgrade process.

– ENET Cable – You need to buy it online or do it yourself. Click here how : DIY ENET Cable Build

DO NOT use Ethernet to USB 2.0 Adapters. Only USB-C is accepted.

– Windows C drive free space 20GB (SSD recommended)
– Power Stabilizer for the car battery, or Jumper Cables with additional vehicle.

 Strong Wi-Fi/Internet Connection This ensures that the TeamViewer connection to your laptop is stable.

We will connect remotely on your laptop and we will do the flash for you. You just sit back and relax!


1. After you place the order, you need to go to your Account -> Downloads , download and unzip on desktop the files needed for upgrade.

2. Download TeamViewer, from teamvier.com and install it! You can ping me on WhatsApp or Email to schedule a booking.

3. We will connect remotely on your computer and install the upgrade files (E-Sys, psdzdata etc.)

4. Connect a Windows 8,10,11 laptop to the car through an ENET Cable . If your laptop doesn’t have an ethernet plug, you can use an USB 3.0 or USB-C Adaptor

5. Plug a battery charger for the car’s battery.

6. We will start the flash (upgrade) – It will take 45 minutes

7. After flash (upgrade) is finish then we will inject the FSC and activate maps and CarPlay

8. We will clear all the car errors

9. Test CarPlay and everything else.

10. Leave review (optional) 🙂



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